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Exercise Therapy and Home Exercise ProgramOsteopathic Exercise Therapy

Musculoskeletal complaints are often a result of day-to-day posture and behavior that places strain on certain areas of the body. Over time, these habits can lead to muscle imbalances. While osteopathic manipulation can help correct these imbalances, if the fundamental body habits are not changed, the problems will return. This is where exercise therapy comes in.

A home exercise and stretching regimen can give patients the tools to help correct structural and movement imbalances. While patients may exercise and stretch at home already, it does not mean they are targeting the right areas or movements. In fact, they may even contribute to their imbalances. With careful examination, we can discover exactly which parts of the body to address further with stretching, mobilization, and re-training. Dr. Hennenhoefer will work with you to develop a home exercise program to address these areas.

What Does A Home Exercise Program Look Like?

Home exercise programs can vary widely based on the individual’s need. However, the general approach involves first addressing proprioception. Proprioception means your body’s system of knowing where it is in space. Your body can tell its position in space using your eyes, inner ear, and musculoskeletal system. Dr. Hennenhoefer feels that it is important to address this function of your muscles and joints in order to balance muscle stiffness and movements. Most home exercise programs will involve some form of proprioception training.

In addition to addressing your balance and proprioception, an exercise therapy program will look to gain symmetry in muscle tightness and strength. This requires mobilizing and stretching muscles that are tight, as well as re-training muscles that are weak or inhibited. Sometimes, muscles are not firing in the proper order and more advanced re-training exercises are required.


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