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A significant proportion of headaches and migraines are caused and/or worsened by musculoskeletal factors. Tension headaches and cervicogenic headaches often arise from muscle tension and disorders that affect the neck and upper back regions. Similarly, jaw dysfunction and sinus problems have been shown to directly cause or contribute to migraines and headaches. Even those who have central migraines often find that their migraines are triggered by muscle tension, jaw clenching, or sinus problems. To alleviate these problems, consider osteopathic manipulation, including cranial manipulation, as soon as possible.

A musculoskeletal medicine specialist can evaluate your headaches and help determine if your neck, jaw, back, or sinuses are playing a contributory role. If so, we can utilize multiple modalities as migraine treatment.

As a potential form of migraine treatment, osteopathic cranial manipulation is a gentle approach that helps optimize the structure and function of the head. It can release restrictions in the scalp, skull, neck, and other areas to re-balance the head and its relation to the rest of the body.

Dr. Hennenhoefer is well-trained in cranial therapy as a form of migraine treatment. This therapy addresses the musculoskeletal components of the skull itself. Studies, including from NASA, demonstrate that the bones of the skull must move slightly to accommodate fluctuations in pressure from the nervous and vascular systems. If disorders of the bony joints, muscles, or other tissue in the skull prevent this movement, the increased pressure could induce headaches or trigger migraines. Cranial manipulation, along with treating the whole body, is an extremely effective effective approach to migraine treatment.


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