Balance & Proprioception: The First Step Toward Recovery

Proprioception As The First Step To Recovery One of the first exercise programs that I give chronic pain patients is single-leg balance training. This may seem odd, but there is a method to the madness. Studies show that those suffering from chronic pain, such as low back pain, consistently have worse proprioception than the pain-free […]

Symptom, Source, Cause

Addressing Symptom, Source, and Cause: When a patient comes to our clinic, it is usually to address a symptom. Examples of symptoms include hip pain, shoulder pain, back stiffness, TMJ, and headaches. In other words, all the things that can lead to discomfort and a decreased quality of life. Symptoms offer some useful information. They […]

Muscle Imbalances & Tensegrity

Tensegrity and Muscle Imbalances For a long time, even in my own specialty, doctors have approached musculoskeletal disorders with an emphasis on the skeletal part. Today, we are learning that the most important component of these disorders is likely the muscle part. As I mentioned when discussing how I approach arthritis, it is important to […]

You Don’t Have a ‘Bad Back’

I hear it a lot in my specialty: “Doc, I just have a bad back.” And sometimes it’s true. But most of the time, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, you have a superhero for a back. It doesn’t hurt because it’s bad, but rather it hurts from years of trying to […]

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