What Sets Us Apart

Physical Therapy Doctor | Osteopathic Musculoskeletal Specialist Dr. Hennenhoefer treating a patientHow Are We Different?

Patients often ask how our approach differs from bodywork such as chiropractic, massage, etc. While you will receive hands-on treatment at our practice, that is only part of the visit. The primary purpose is to have your musculoskeletal complaint evaluated and treated by a medical doctor who specializes in this system of the body.

This is like seeing a pulmonologist for a lung problem or a cardiologist for a heart problem. Although non-physician bodyworkers, like chiropractors and physical therapists, address muscle and joint complaints, you should always have your condition evaluated by a physician.

The Specialist Difference

All osteopathic physicians train in a variety of manual techniques to address every aspect of the body. These techniques range from joint manipulation and muscle work to myofascial release and cranial therapy. However, to specialize in the musculoskeletal system requires years of additional training after medical school. This training allows the specialist to determine how to best diagnose and treat your musculoskeletal complaint. In addition to manipulation, as physicians we are licensed to use medications and perform procedures (e.g. injections) to amplify treatment.

A Package Deal

A musculoskeletal specialist is like having a doctor, bodyworker, and physical therapist all in one. This saves you time, visits to multiple providers, and ultimately cost.


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