Neural Release Therapy

Neural Release Therapy

In medicine, we tend to focus heavily on the major nerve roots exiting the spine. For example, we may look for a herniated disc that could

Peripheral Nerves of the Shoulder and Arm

press on these major nerve roots. However, these roots travel and split many times throughout the body to supply your entire system. Aside from some minor celebrities, like the role of the median nerve in carpal tunnel syndrome, these peripheral nerves are widely ignored by all but musculoskeletal specialists and neurologists.

Peripheral nerves travel in fascial planes that exist between the body’s muscles. Problems with these surrounding muscles can compromise nearby peripheral nerves. This is likely the reason why muscle trigger points can have such radiating pain patterns. Treating these muscles and restoring their optimal functioning can go a long way in relieving peripheral nerve injury, but this is not always sufficient to completely resolve symptoms.

Common Nerve Entrapment Pain Patterns

By manipulating the fascial planes through which these nerves travel, we can often relieve the distress caused by the compression of the nerve. Doing this in combination with correcting dysfunction of the surrounding muscles can lead to significant relief of the symptoms. How quickly this occurs depends on the extent of compression or damage to the peripheral nerves. While peripheral nerves can heal, they tend to do so rather slowly.

This technique is not meant to treat severe nerve compression such as is seen with significant disc herniations or moderate-to-severe carpal tunnel syndrome; however, radiating pain that started as a muscle injury likely benefits from this type of treatment, especially if addressing the muscle injury alone was insufficient to relieve pain.

Neural release therapy is just another form of the more general osteopathic manipulative treatment.

Dr. Hennenhoefer uses a combination of techniques, including neural release therapy, to address all elements of the musculoskeletal complaint, including the muscle, joint, fascia, and, of course, nerves.

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