Exercise Prescription

osteopathic physical therapyOsteopathic Exercise Therapy

Musculoskeletal complaints are often a result of day-to-day posture and behavior that places strain on certain areas of the body. Over time, these habits can lead to muscle imbalances. While osteopathic manipulation can help correct these imbalances, if the fundamental body habits are not changed, the problems will return.

An exercise and stretching regimen can give patients something to do throughout the week to correct these structural imbalances. With careful examination and hands-on treatments, we can discover exactly what parts of the body need to be addressed further with stretching and exercises. Dr. Hennenhoefer will work with you to develop a home regimen to address these areas.


For more complicated problems, we may prescribe physical therapy. We will work with whichever physical therapist you prefer to create a specified physical therapy session and treatment regimen that will not only correct the problem areas but provide you with home exercises to maintain the benefits of your treatments.

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