Pricing and Billing Structure

Dr. Hennenhoefer Osteopathic Musculoskeletal Medicine Office in Chapel Hill NCDr. Hennenhoefer does not participate with any insurances. He strongly believes that medical care should be between patients and their physicians without third-party involvement dictating how care is provided. We use a direct-pay structure where patients pay for treatments at the time of visit. After treatment, Dr. Hennenhoefer can provide patients with a “superbill.” Superbills outline what was done at your visit and patients can submit them to their insurance companies for reimbursement. While the majority of insurances cover OMT and musculoskeletal care, it is up to patients to contact their insurance company to determine what would be reimbursed should they submit a superbill from our office. Musculoskeletal medicine is also eligible for reimbursement through HSAs and FSAs.

Dr. Hennenhoefer will primarily treat your complaint with hands-on manipulation; however, he may also recommend adjunct treatments such as joint injections, dry needling, prolotherapy, or home exercises. Because cost should not determine if patients receive the needed, appropriate treatments, your visit fee will cover all provided treatments. This means that it is the same price whether you require only osteopathic manipulative treatment, or whether you need several other types of treatment during your visit. There is no additional cost for joint injections, needling, prolotherapy, etc.

The standard visit fee is $175/visit. For the purpose of estimating total cost, the average patient will require 3-4 visits. These visits are often spread 2-4 weeks apart. Fewer required visits spread farther apart often makes the overall cost of treatment less than physical therapy, chiropractic, and other bodywork.

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