TMJ Dysfunction

jaw pain relief in Raleigh NCJaw Pain Relief with TMJ Treatment

For unknown reasons, jaw pain (or TMJ disorder) is an increasing problem in the general population. Clicking, locking, ear pain, and pain of the jaw joint (temporomandibular joint) often lead to more systemic symptoms such as headaches, ringing in the ear (tinnitus), and neck pain. This condition is challenging to treat, as it is often discovered late and there is already a significant amount of damage. A musculoskeletal specialist can help provide TMJ relief.

Through a combination of hands-on treatment and other modalities (e.g. injections, dry needling, home stretches), an osteopathic musculoskeletal specialist will try to re-balance the jaw, head, and neck to provide jaw pain and TMJ relief. Depending on severity, the clicking and popping may never entirely resolve. But the jaw pain, locking, headaches, ear pain, and neck pain often improve with treatment.

Dr. Hennenhoefer will work closely with you and your dental team to optimize your bite. Often, TMJ patients require nighttime mouth splints to prevent grinding and clenching during sleep. These splints require proper fitting by your dentist. It is important that your head, neck, and even upper back are properly aligned prior to splint fitting. If not, you may require re-fitting after treatments. Discuss with your dentist about the benefits of osteopathic manipulative treatment and cranial therapy for your TMJ.

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