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A trigger point is an area of muscle that is stuck in dysfunction.

This often causes radiating pain that reaches farther than just the local area affected. Sometimes, what patients think is sciatica or carpal tunnel is really a trigger point in nearby muscles. There are multiple approaches to trigger point relief.

Most trigger points respond to dry needling, but some may require lidocaine injections. A numbing agent like lidocaine helps break the spasm cycle, while the needle-stick itself induces a micro-injury. The body will heal this micro-injury, and this healing process causes the trigger point relief.

How Trigger Point Injections Can Help With Muscle Pain

A trigger point injection is a procedure where a medication, usually a local anesthetic, is injected into the painful muscle. The pain relief is experienced not only in the affected muscle but in the area of referred pain as well.

While a trigger point injection can cause mild discomfort, the process is generally well-tolerated. Patients often feel a temporary twinge of pain during the injection that mimics their symptoms. This twinge is a good indicator that the correct muscle was injected, and the treatment has a higher probability of relieving the pain.

What To Expect After Receiving Trigger Point Injections

Immediately after the injection, your pain should significantly improve–both in the affected muscle as well as the area of the referred pain. It usually takes 24 to 72 hours to experience the full effects of the injection. In general, if the injections are successful, patients experience at least 3-6 months of pain relief. They may even get permanent trigger point relief after just one injection. All trigger point injections should be performed in conjunction with hands-on treatment (OMT) and home exercises and stretches for maximum relief.

If you’re in need of trigger point pain relief in Chapel Hill NC, you could benefit from a trigger point injection given by a qualified musculoskeletal specialist today!

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